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My blog is dedicated to my parents and my family.I have learned cooking basics from my parents.I love to cook and cooking is my passion.Cooking makes me happy too.I have stayed in USA,Europe,Malaysia and have traveled in many countries.Different cuisines ,different cultures ,different eating habits always made me happy.My passion for cooking helped me to make new friends across the world.You will love these recipes.Thank you all and Happy Cooking. .I am a blogger at present and enjoy writing my recipes and clicking photos of my dishes prepared. "MALLIKA EY KITCHEN"" Nationalist(Winner in Local and Regional Round) 2012 Winner from Kolkata in "SECRET RECIPES"(Food Food)with Sanjeev Kapoor in 2012(National contest) ''SHERA RADHUNI'" in Kutchina Contest in a channel 2011 2 times winner in a "'BENGALI CULINARY MAGAZINE"' 2012 and 2013 Winner in SAMSUNG RECIPE CONTEST 2011 Viewers Choice winner in"' HAR GHAR KA MASTERCHEF" Masterchef India Season 3(Online Public Vote)2013. "SHERA RADHUNI"Contest winner for the second time 2014 Game show winner-"DIDI NO 1" "SUPERWOMEN"'in 2013 "DADAGIRI"with Saurav Ganguly Winner of "'RANNAGHORE ROCKSTAR" with Mithun Chakraborty Selected În"TOP 16 INDIAS DIGITAL CHEF"National contest with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor,Amrita Raichand ,Chef Saransh 2018

Friday, 19 July 2019

My kitchen and my recipes: Masaledar Bhuna Kalegi

My kitchen and my recipes: Masaledar Bhuna Kalegi: Masaledar Bhuna Kalegi This dish reminds me of Bangladesh,Pakistan were lot bhuna dishes are made.This is one of them.Kalegi or kidney...

Masaledar Bhuna Kalegi

Masaledar Bhuna Kalegi

This dish reminds me of Bangladesh,Pakistan were lot bhuna dishes are made.This is one of them.Kalegi or kidney of mutton is not only delicious but also very healthy for kids.This is bhuna or stir fried recipe and goes very well with roti,rumali roti,paratha and rice.


  1. Mutton kalegi(kidney)-700 gm
  2. Onion chopped-4
  3. Tomato-1 chopped
  4. Ginger-1 tbsp
  5. Garlic-12 chopped
  6. Green chillies-7 chopped
  7. Coriander leaves chopped-1/2 bunch
  8. Kasoori methi dry-1 tbsp
  9. Red chilli powder-1 tp
  10. Turmeric powder-1 tp for marination,1 tp for cooking
  11. Coriander powder-2 tp
  12. Garam Masala powder-1tp
  13. Cumin seeds-1 tp
  14. Bayleaves-2
  15. Curd-2 tp
  16. vinegar-1 tbsp
  17. salt to taste
  18. Mustard oil for cooking-3 tbsp


  • Heat up some oil in Kadai.Add Bayleaves,Cumin seeds in the kadai after heating the oil.Temper for few seconds.
  • Now add chopped onions and saute till it turns golden.
  • Add chopped garlic when the onions turn its colour and fry well with onions.
  • Now add chopped tomatoes and fry it very well.
  • Once the tomatoes are fried well add mutton kalegi and continue to stir.Then add 1 tp turmeric powder and 1 tp red chilli powder.Cook in low flame for 4 min.
  • Now add Coriander powder,Garam masala powder,curd and salt to taste.Continue to stir for 7 min in low flame.Stir in between.
  • Then add chopped ginger and chopped green chillies and continue to stir.
  • After 7 min you will see it is cooked well.
  • At last add Chopped Coriander and kasuri methi.Mix it and give it standing time.Switch off the flame.
NOTE-Donot add any water.Garnish with sliced ginger.

Recipe by Chef Dimple

Friday, 5 July 2019